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Re: [pct-l] "Cadillac Desert"

The series just finished up here in Las Vegas, and the whole thing 
was excellent.  It really makes you wonder what things would be like 
in NV, AZ and SoCal if all the big water projects hadn't happened.  
Last night there was a related show "Grand Canyon Flood" about the 
flood they made in the Grand Canyon last year in an attempt to 
reclaim some of the natural backwaters and make the river hospitable 
to the native fish once more.  It was pretty interesting, but I'll 
have to watch it again when I'm a bit more awake.  It dealt mostly 
with the reasons for causing the flood; the studies they did before, 
during and after; and the results fo the flood.  I'm a biology-type 
person, so I enjoyed it.  Others less inclined to be interested in 
things like algae levels and silt deposits may find it a bit dry in 
places, though :)

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