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[pct-l] JMT Hikers, Past and Future


Recently, I've seen inquiries regarding the availability of JMT T-shirts
and/or patches. I just returned from Lone Pine where I discovered additional
sources for these type products.

Before I add sources, let me mention that Vermilion Valley Resort has, and
continues to be, my first choice for JMT T-shirts. They accept telephone
orders if you don't plan to visit there personally.

Other sources in Lone Pine, CA:

Lone Pine Sporting Goods
220 South Main St. 
Lone Pine, CA 93545
(619) 876-5365
Offering -    JMT Patch (round), magnets, lapel / hat pins

Lorene's "Best in Sierra Gifts"
235 South Main Street
Box J
Lone Pine, CA 93545
(619) 876-4588
Offering - JMT T-shirt with "John Muir Trail and hiking boot pocket logo,"
JMT ball caps with same logo.
   If interested, call and get your name on the 'want list' and they'll
notify you when size and color available.

Whitney Portal Store
Whitney Portal
Offering - newly designed 3" x 5" John Muir Trail patch and, of course,
anything you might want with Mt. Whitney logo. Stop by on your way down "THE

Remember your trip and enjoy,
Charlie Jones
JMT '96
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