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[pct-l] Class of '98


For those of you who will be hiking the PCT through the Rock Creek area (map
G15 in the guide) in the future, make a note now if your guidebook. 

On page 235, midway of the right hand column, the guide reads:

"Back in the forest, you drop to a series of large campsites overlooking Rock
Creek. ... A heavy metal rectangular bearproof food locker has been placed at
the creek crossing."

That text is followed by a 'side trip' note referring to the Rock Creek
Ranger Station 0.2 miles east of the campsites. 

Last weekend, I interpreted that to mean I would find a bearbox at that
location (campsites near the RS side trail) and planned my trip accordingly. 

In actual fact, the bearbox is located 0.9 miles BEYOND the sign marking the
side trail to the Rock Creek Ranger Station. It IS located at the Rock Creek
crossing and there ARE several campsites there also.

Happy hiking,
Charlie Jones
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