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[pct-l] "Cadillac Desert"

I just finished a very interesting book on the West and its water,  Cadillac
Desert.  A PBS series based on this book prompted me to purchase the book.
 The series is four parts and may have already appeared in other parts of the
country.  It runs in late August here in NC;   the first part ran in late
June,  but the rest was postponed until August because of the death of
Charles Kuralt.   His memorial service and a "special" on this NC native
pre-empted the rest.  Check your local listings.

Though ten years old,  the book has recently been revised and updated.   It
is great reading for an understanding of the ecology and politics of the
West.   I left with new appreciation of rain,  year round!  

Walking on,

David Craft
Greensboro,  NC

ISBN #0-14-017824-4   Penguin Books  15.95

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