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[pct-l] trails threatened by antennas

I'm interested in learning about hiking trails threatened by 
installation of or enhancements to mountaintop antennaes.  The Triangle 
Trail, atop Mt. Mansfield, VT, has been recently closed due to excessive 
radiation from microwave towers.  Construction of a new tower to provide 
additional TV channels to the Champlain Vallen region may further damage 
the mountaintop.  With the coming of more cable channels, digital TV and 
High Definition Television (HDTV), there will be more building of 
antennaes (some, on valley floors, over 2000 ft high, according to a 
recent article in the NY Times).  

Are there, or have there been, other mountaintops where hiking and 
camping have been restricted due to antenna construction?

Please write to me at the address below, or cc me on your reply.


David Appell

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