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[pct-l] re: Still looking for trip partner

Craig Nelson wrote:

<Would it be worth it to attempt a thru-hike in the snow?  I need to be done
by September 20th at the latest...>

Craig:  When I went through Washington from late August thru late September
'82 there was quite a bit of snow, freezing rain and rain.  Personally, I
still enjoyed it, despite being wet and cold for much of the trip.  For what
it's worth, below are some of my notes from '82, which was also a late
winter year and so might still be useful (but since it's been 15 years it
might be a good idea to double-check with the Forest Service):

1.  Between Highway 14 and Highway 12:

Water:  Green Lake - desperation only; Cultus Lake has decent water;  Cultus
Creek and N. Fork Meadow Creek were dry at the trail crossing, but the
former had water if you bushwacked east a bit.

2.  Between Highway 12 (White Pass) and Snoqualmie Pass:

Water:  Deer Lake:  not too hot.

Trail:  the trail beyond Sheep Lake (just past highway 410) to Norse Peak
can be a bit troublesome if there is ice or a lot of snow, but there are a
couple shelters (see below) you can hide out in if you get caught in
something nasty.

Shelters:  Arch Rock shelter was clean, had six bunks, two stoves and a
table.  Camp Urich shelter had a stove, no bunks, dirt and wood floor and
was filthy.

Note:  We ran across 40-50 head of elk between Scout Pass and Norse Peak,
down in Lake Basin, in case you're taking along lightweight binoculars.
Speaking of which, you might want to check to see when deer and/or elk
hunting season begin...when I went through deer season was already in full

3.  Stevens Pass to Rainy Pass:

Water:  Just past Wenatchee Pass you can bushwack west a few hundred yards
and get good water from the source of the North Flork.  Awesome
huckleberries there too, but you may also run into a bear..I did.

4.  Highway 20 (Rainy Pass) to Manning Park:  The last 2 days of travel can
be troublesome if you get hit by snow, but unless the storm is a beaut
you'll drop down out of it the last half day or so to the border.

If you decide to go for it, have fun! It is a gorgeous trail! I envy you...


Kelly Flowers
Email: kkflower@students.wisc.edu

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