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[pct-l] Two Poles or None

We have had quite a discussion of poles on the AT forum so having used none,
one and two sticks on many recent hikes on the Appalachian Trail and outwest in
California, Oregon and Nevada, I'll  share my experiences.

I have used no poles, one pole and two poles. I have found for me
that 2 poles are best although on flat areas, I use none.

I also use poles that have three sections which are adjustable that
way they are easy to "store" in or on the packpack and don't get
in the way when scrambling up the Appalacian Trail up Mt Katahdin
or Caps Ridge Trail on Mt Jefferson, etc.

I saw people with a pole that could not be collapsed and it was a burden to
lug and a safety concern in my mind as they banged it around while
up and over the Katahdin "boulders".

Using two poles, I have noted on recent hikes significant reduction
in impacts on the legs when going down hill. The expandable poles
allowed me to adjust to the pitch of the land going uphill and downhill.

One stick is good for batting away snakes, etc but using two sticks,
they make easy pole vaults, help the arms/sholder lift one up those
two or three foot "steps" taking load off the legs.

My knees and legs have said a big thanks to those 2 sticks.

Pack and load those sticks on less sloped areas.

tom "hikenet" caggiano

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