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[pct-l] fuel use, forget standard tests

>> In a message dated 97-07-04 03:51:51 EDT, kmarlow@ngs.org (Ken Marlow)
>> writes:
>> << You haven't missed anything. We haven't arrived at any figures for fuel 
>>  consumption yet. >>
>> FWIW:
>> Backpacker Magazine for March '97, in their equipment review, gives fuel
>> consumption for different brands/models of gas stoves. For instance, they
>> report that a Whisperlite Shaker Jet stove will burn for "136 minutes on 22
>> ounces of fuel." Using this info as an estimate, one should be able to
>> determine approximately how much fuel they will need (then take some quanity
>> as a backup) for a given time period.
>> For subscribers to American On-line, you can access Backpacker Magazine
>> On-Line by using KEYWORD "backpacker."
>> Charlie Jones

Just bought a primus spider stove for winter camping and tested it out this
past week on a four day trip in the Walker Basin.  If you are not familar
with it, it's a three legged butane/propane/isobutane stove with remote
canister, fuel adjustment, and pezo igniter.  SIX of us cooking breakfast
and dinner used almost two 220 gram canisters!  That's exactly what I have
burned using my Bluet stove for TWO of us for four days!  Why so little
fuel?   The igniter is so convient that one turns it off the second you are
finished cooking and the adjstment is so convient that it's never burning
more fuel than you need.  So dump your gasoline and Bluet stoves.  This very
stable (and heavy 13.3 oz) stove saves it weight in one day of unneeded

Albert Pastine     	    apastine@netcom.com
Mountain Turtle Fitters     ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/MT/MTturtle

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