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[pct-l] Callahan's


I must tell those of you considering Callahan's Restaurant (at Hwy 5, near
Ashland).  I have spent this past winter/spring talking to the owners of
Callahan's (Ron and Debby Borquist).  They are totally supportive of PCT
hikers and offer the following:

If you want to send packages for them to hold for you, GREAT.  Mention you
are a PCT hiker and when you plan on arriving.  

If you know you will need certain supplies, contact them.  Ron will have one
of his employees pick up what you want in Ashland and have it waiting for
you at the restaurant.  All he expects is to be reimbursed for the cost of
the supplies.

There are places behind the restaurant parking lot that you can stay the
night at (no charge), if you let Ron know your intentions.

If you want to do an "out and back" and use his parking lot as a base for
your car, he is fine with that - just let him know,  point out your car, and
park it in the back of the lot.

The restaurant is open 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.

This is not a solicitation for Callahan's.  It is a DREAM COME TRUE for
those who are in nead of a "reality check".  

If you have any comments or questions for Callahan's or about that area, let
me know as Susan and I will be headed there next weekend.

Realizing they have a short time to live, no one wishes they had spent more
time at the office.

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