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[pct-l] Still looking for trip partner!

Hi everyone!  A while back I posted a message looking for a hiking partner
for my thru-hike of Washington this summer.  I haven't heard from anyone
yet, although I have ads in the PCTA Communicator, at REI stores,
rec.backcountry, gorp.com, backpacker magazine and others.  I'm planning on
leaving July 28th, so time's getting short.  If you're interested in going
or know of someone who might be, please send me e-mail:

Also,  does anyone know what the snow is like in Washington?  I don't see
any reports on the PCTA web page.  It looks like a lot of Oregon is still
snowed in, so I'd assume that Washington is as bad or worse.  Where else
could I find up to date snow reports? 

Would it be worth it to attempt a thru-hike in the snow?  I need to be done
by September 20 at the latest.  I'd appreciate any advise you have.  Thanks!



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