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[pct-l] re: Kelly and the '82 Thru-hike

Kelly Flowers writes:
  Any 1982 PCTers, or other Oregonians out there?

Hey Ho! Yup, I did my thru-hike that year. A solo effort the year of the 
"Late Winter"(I guess like this year). I started April's fools day (in a 
wind-driven rain) and reached Lake Isabella in early May, I found myself 
congregating with other thru-hikers there. Reports said the Sierra had 
avalanching and white-out conditions.There was only one group I new that 
pushed-through at that time, three guys led by this wirey British Chap with 
rubber legs. I hoofed it up I-395 and got back on at Echo Lake. You may have 
seen my name with a trail-handle of "Cowman and the pup-ape expedition team 
(pup-ape being my trusty ice-axe and best friend). Aside from all the snow 
early on, man, was that great weather on the trip or what? I seem to recall 
the only dreary stretch for me was thru the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. I never 
saw it cuz of the fog. Yea, although we didn't have Starbucks ice cream, ice 
cream was a big hit. It was the "Ice Cream Kid"(who ever that was, who dared 
us to consume a half-gallon of ice cream in one sitting. I did. Woof. Slept 
on a washing machine at that little resort on Lake Chelan, when I couldn't 
find my campsite, after forgetting to bring my flashlight with me to dinner 
and a couple glasses of wine at the restraunt.

Ken Marlow
GIS Analyst/Cartographer
National Geographic Society
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