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[pct-l] New Kid on the Block

Hello, everyone.  Just wanted to introduce myself, since I'm new to the
list. I'm a 1982 "graduate" of the PCT thru-hike (along with my two friends
Harry Carson and Ray Clark), and while indulging in one of my frequent PCT
nostalgic moods (specifically, a remembrance of the giardia I came down with
on Hat Creek Rim) I came across the PCTA website and its link to this
mailing list.  Wow, next thing you know there'll be PCTers connecting
directly to the Web through a notebook and satellite uplink!  Then we'll be
able to chat in real-time with them and drive them batty with excruciatingly
descriptions of pepperoni and italian sausage pizza, Starbucks ice cream,
and Dungeness crab -- just to name a few of my own favorite PCT food
fantasies (OK, OK, Starbucks Espresso ice cream didn't exist when I hiked
the PCT, but I'm sure if I'd been a little more imaginative back then I
would've invented it!).

Well, so long for now.  I look forward to hearing about other people's
experiences.  Any 1982 PCTers, or other Oregonians out there?

Til later...

Kelly Flowers
Project Assistant to Professor Michael Wiseman
LaFollette Institute of Public Affairs
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Phone:  608-262-5713 (office); 608-238-4805 (home)
Fax:  608-265-3233
Email:  kkflower@students.wisc.edu

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