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[pct-l] dogs on PCT

Brick Robbins <brick@ix.netcom.com> writes

>IMHO, blindly following the "regulations" just because some >in-duh-vidual in
Washington thought they were right is foolish. Many >things that are moral are
illegal, and many things that are immoral >are legal. I prefer to think for

   Uh, since when was avoiding getting caught an expression of A Higher
Morality (or intelligence, for that matter)? Sneaking around FS regulations
that don't suit you isn't exactly a March On Washington, y'know...."Sneaking",
because I've not yet read anybody proposing to walk into a FS office, demand to
speak to the "in-duh-vidual" in charge, & announce: "I'm about to hike into the
backcountry with thishere dog/gun/above-quota group. I won't have a
hiking/fishing/fire permit, and I plan on camping & building fires anyplace my
own personal uniqueness compels me to. I may also feel like cutting
switchbacks, hacking trees, or strewing litter & stone "ducks", and as far as
bear & hygiene guidelines go, well, let's just say I'm my own man. My
particular notion of the rightness of things (which, oddly, happens to parallel
my own convenience) certainly takes precedence over laws that were made to
address the complexities of modern-day wilderness use - no conformist sheep I!"
   Above scenario would make for an interesting "trip report" (chuckle).
   I, personally, don't suggest "blindly" following wilderness
regulations - just following them, until you manage to change them. The
backcountry areas of America are too heavily-utilized, and too precious to All
of us, to support "individuals" acting out their various "moralities". When
people deliberately evade rules, _more_ rules are made to deal with the
evaders, which further drains already overtaxed resources & creates an
unpleasant "enforcement" mentality.   Why jeopardize future park/wildlands
existance & our access to them for a petty "triumph over Smokey"?
   My $.02.      --- rob
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