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[pct-l] Update from the VVR

Hello again from the VVR. Michell Willix spent several days with us
helping other PCT hikers and was a real joy to be around. She asked me
to send this post to the PCTL.

“Michelle’s words” (and spelling)
From Michelle Willix- one half of the “Team We” 
Hello to all! Well, I arrived at the VVR on Tuesday 6/24/97,
successfully surviving the winding road to the resort. I am driving
goofy Randy’s Suburban> I’m following Jeff to all the resupplies then
I’m flying to Chicago to visit my brother, then I hope to be back hiking
on the trail around Sierra City @ the end of July. My right foot has a
stress fracture and I’m in a moon boot cast for 6 weeks.  Butch and
Peggy and the Gang have been wonderful. They have made me feel extremely
Here’s and update on others: Cathy and Randy (Crazy Legs and Dutch Boy),
their friend Tom, Chad, Bob, and Fireboy came in Tuesday, 6/24. They
were tired but looking good, no real injurie. Ron, Dale, Miles, Johnny
Reb, Randy, Jeremy and Mark soon arrived the next day, Johnny Reb has an
injured left  foot, its all swollen and he has some raw open blister. He
twisted his ankle pretty badly and is going to ride with me for a while
and see if it heals. Randy had a big rock/boulder fall on his left foot
and came in limping. The next day Randy developed a stomach flu and he’s
also riding with me to Tuolomne Meadows. Phil, Steve, John and Millie
came in soon after, Millie hurt her foot and they are heading home a
little early. Jeff (My other half) came in running after doing  40
miles! It was great to see him. The next day Pat, Walt, Wendy, Cool
Breeze, Tic, Wayne, Will,  Dan, Candyman, Tom, Eric, and Bruce all
arrived. Pat has some infected parts on her foot so she and Walt are
riding with me to Tuolome. Wendy also has some bum feet so she’s joining
us. We should call the Suburban the “Injured Foot Brigade”. Lynn and
Jerry came in next. Everyone talked about how Challenging the section
was causing to decrease their mileage. Challenges included the snow, the
up and down over the passes and the nasty river crossings. Even with all
the injuries and challenges, most everyone is in good spirits and
recuperating at beautiful, relaxing VVR. Keep us in your thougths and
Hope to see ya’ll on the trail soon!
	Michelle Willix

P.S.- Hello to Carol Barret in Tehachapi. Thanks again for everything.
P.S.- Jeremy is doing great. Still some pain in his ankles but he’s
cranking out the miles. Tic has a sore anl;e and is hiking in shoes with
huge holes!
Keep on trucking - guys!!
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