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[pct-l] Tom introduces himself

Hello everyone, My name is Tom Grundy, and I have been lurking for a
while, and thought it was time to introduce myself. I am planning on
through hiking in '98 with two friends, Maggie Anthony and Jen Powis. We
will also be hiking the JMT in August together, and Maggie and I will be
living the life of bums in between hiking and climbing our way around
the country. Unfortunately I probably won't be able to have my last
minute questions and concerns answered via e-mail next April, but I will
be able to do a whole lot of short and long distance hiking to get my
body, mind, and gear ready.
I am presently living in Bellingham WA. I have been hiking, climbing, or
mountaineering nearly every weekend since I moved here from TX a year
ago. please don't take the amazing wilderness and public lands out here
for granted. On the users fee questions, I will grudgingly pay them, but
I wish that 100% remained in the system, and I will be very very unhappy
if I have to pay separate fees to every national forest as I travel
around the country. What I would really like to see is my hard earned
tax dollars paying for these and other things that I care about rather
than much of what they are used for. I did notice with a steep increase
in user fees in the Texas State parks, there was a correspondingly steep
increase in people avoiding the fees by sneaking in to the parks.

Although it has been said before, there is an amazing lot of snow up in
the high country here, although it has been melting fast recently.

--=Tom Grundy
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* From the Pacific Crest Trail Email List | For info http://www.hack.net/lists *