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Re: [pct-l] User fees

Have you noticed that the federal government has run a deficit for close to
30 years? What do you wish the government to stop doing with our current
tax dollars? Do you have the support of at least 50% of our congressman
plus 1 and the President of the United States? It is up to them to make the
necessary changes. I agree with the dislike for fees, but while we all may
have paid for the federal property we own and even that is debatable
because of outstanding debt, who says we have to continue to maintain it?
If it means no maintenance because most of the decision makers disagree
with how I wish they would spend our tax dollars, such as more park land
and adequate maintenance, and paying nominal fees, I would have to opt for
fees even though I would be kicking and screaming.


At 3:35 PM -0400 6/16/97, Back Packer wrote:
>I have been following the debate on users fees for forests and national
>parks that has been apearing here.  I would like to say that I support
>funding trail maintenance, but am adamantly opposed to fees.
>We are setting a very dangerous precedent with the implementation of fees.
>Pretty soon any time we want to set foot on any type of federal property
>(which need I remind you we citizens own) we will have to pay a fee.
>Imagine having to pay a fee to be able to enter a post office to mail a
>letter.  Or a fee to enter the employment development department when in
>search of a job.  This may seem far fetched but it IS the direction that we
>are rapidly moving in this country.
>I support a major restoration of funding from currently collected taxes.
>We should be spending our tax dollars on these services for the public
>instead of trying to shift funding on a continuing basis to a fee system.
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