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[pct-l] PCT hike & user fees

     I hike section E1 thru E5 this pass sat. & sun. from Agua Dulce to
     San Francisquito Canyon road and back (only 1 truck unfortnually).
     I would like to go only one way usually from south to north but its
     hard to find fellow hikers for weekend trips especially when it
     takes over 3 hours to get to the trailhead from San Diego. I don't
     mind the drive myself. If there any other  sectional hikers out
     there that might want to come along, e-mail me. I have already done
     sections A thru D.
     This last hike was very dry - no water for 23 miles. I carried
     almost 3 gallons and drank all of it. I didn't see any thru hikers
     so I figured most of them are probably in or near section F. The
     sorest part of my body was the bottom of my feet. It seems like
     when I hiked over 30 miles or more in a day or 2 day period they
     get real sore.  Anybody have any ideas on how to keep my feet from
     getting too sore? I noticed the trail needed some trail work
     (brushy & tread work) from power lines north of Bouquet Canyon rd
     to road 6n09 in Spunky canyon. But overall the trail look real nice
     and I like to thank all the trail workers for their hard work.
     About the user fees - I agree with the forest worker in the last
     PCT listing. I might be in the minority but I do think they are
     necessary because the funding for all parks and wilderness areas
     over the pass years have been cut a lot and still are now & in the
     future. I work as a trail worker & supervisor for Cuyamaca State
     Park and all the trails are maintained by volunteers because of all
     the cuts of state maint. workers and funding. We have only 1 state
     person that helps us because they just don't have the manpower. I
     first think we should get the state & federal governments to
     increase funding but in the meantime I for one don't mind paying
     the parking fee since most of the money goes back to maintaining
     the trails & campgrounds. Also all the state workers I work with
     are very hard working & I really appreciate the job they do & all
     the things they have taught me.
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