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Re: [pct-l] JMT Maps


>Prior to my '82 PCT thru-hike, I purchased a set of John Muir Trail Maps (or
>maps of the Southern Sierra) that were oblique-angle aerial photo views of
>the terrain, with trails drawn-in. I no longer have a set and want to
>replace them. Does anyone recall these specifically, if they can be found,
>or what cartographic firm created them? Were  they maps produced by Harris
>Ken Marlow

I have a set (Southern and Northern JMT), but have them packed away.  I
purchased them at the Mt. Whitney Visitor Center, just south of Lone Pine.
Give them a call or drop by.  So far, they are the only place that I've
seen them.  They were great to use and compliment most maps very nicely.

-- Gerald Bawden

 "An earthquake is the way the Earth relieves its stress
    - by transferring it to the people who live on it!"
                   Lucy Jones, USGS.

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