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[pct-l] dogs on PCT?

rob@support.com wrote:
>Is my reading of the above correct? "Here's the information about the law you
>requested, and my advice is don't bother to obey it, since there is little
>likelihood of your being caught in a violation". No wonder rangers'
>forebearance  runs a little thin sometimes!

>Not the first time I've seen this attitude on the list - is this a
>"thru-hiker thing" or a sad trend for society in general? Are we to follow
>backcountry regulations that appeal to us personally, or that are certain
to be
>enforced with a stiff fine we can't bs our way out of? Gosh... 

The information I gave was the most accurate and complete information that
I know about the subject. I think it is up to the individual to decide his
own course, to hike his own hike. Knowledge of the penalties and
enforcement trends are part of the mix. I was neither advocating breaking
or following the dumb rule restricting dogs on the small sections of the
PCT that pass through the parks.

IMHO, blindly following the "regulations" just because some in-duh-vidual
in Washington thought they were right is foolish. Many things that are
moral are illegal, and many things that are immoral are legal. I prefer to
think for myself. 

Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          
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