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[pct-l] Looking for info on this years thru-hikers...

I'm new to this list & this is my first post. 
I through-hiked last year and am currently living in Bend, Oregon. I'm
hoping someone out there can give me some info on this years through
hikers, for example:

1. How many are still at it (roughly). We had over 50 finish last year.
2. I'd like to get e-mail addresses from other '96 through hikers
3. Any idea when the "bulk" of the hikers will be passing through central
Oregon? We passed through the Three Sisters area during like the third week
in August. I want to block out a weekend to spend on the trail and catch
through hikers with a pack full of good beer.
4. I'm interested in the progress of Let it Be. We partied a little with
him & Psycho Ken last year at Timberline Lodge on thier return from Canada.
I would like to see him on the trail this year, I would definately like to
see him do the Yo-Yo. Any info on how the attempt ended last year?

Take it light...

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