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[pct-l] dogs on PCT?

>[snip]you are not allowed to bring your pooch in the 56 miles of >Yosemite NP
from Toulomne North, the 14 miles of [etc etc] I wouldn't >expect to have any
problems except in Yosemite, since most of the >trail is not patrolled, but you
never know.... [story about getting >ticket for illegal dog in park] The ranger
was pretty nasty about >the whole thing too. 
>Brick Robbins  San Diego, CA          

  Is my reading of the above correct? "Here's the information about the law you
requested, and my advice is don't bother to obey it, since there is little
likelihood of your being caught in a violation". No wonder rangers'
forebearance  runs a little thin sometimes!
  Not the first time I've seen this attitude on the list - is this a
"thru-hiker thing" or a sad trend for society in general? Are we to follow only
backcountry regulations that appeal to us personally, or that are certain to be
enforced with a stiff fine we can't bs our way out of? Gosh...               ---rob
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