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[pct-l] Bob and Bug update

Hi folks...
Snatched this from rec.backcountry ....

            Bob & Bug Up date <<<<<<this is for real>>>>>>>> 7-1-97
            Tue, 01 Jul 1997 09:44:39 +0100
            bturner@nidlink.com (Bob Turner)
            NetLink, Inc.

I didn't post that Isaac and I were driving down to see Bob and Bug.  I
will up date the journals as soon as I can.   We just pulled into Coeur
d'Alene at 2:20 pm pst on June 30th. (we left at 4:30 am that morning
after a rest break somewhere in Nev) Left them at Toualome Meadows at
10:00 am on Sunday.
It was to have been a short 10 day trip down and back it turned into 18
We had 3 days at Lone Pine when the 18 inches of snow hit the Sierras.
Then Isaac and I took off and went to visit my friends in Southern Calif
and then in the valley just west of Yosemite.  I arrived at Vermillion
June 21 and Bob and Joy were still out.  The word from the other guys
Bob hadn't been feeling too good and had taken a layover day.

At 10:00 am on the 22nd the came in Joy was tired and Bob in pain.  He
an attack of kidney stones 10 years ago.  It felt like the same.  He
dawdled, seemed better, and I stopped panicing. Then the Tylonel 3 wore
off and he could barely stand.  I had to take him down to get x-rays.
Joy and Bob had talked about a medical problem 6 months ago.  At that
point it was a what if question.  Could one of us go on without the
yes! This time it is a real question.    Big Bob, Special K, Kirk, and
Conrad were heading out so we were just getting ready to ask if she
walk with them.  She gave a tired but definate yes she felt comfortable
with all 4 as hikers and people.  And yes she could leave without a rest

After our family discussion, the 4 guys who had been in a huddle by
backpacks came over and asked if we would feel comfortable letting Bug
continue her hike with them. Bob  & Joy had hiked 500+ miles with these
guys.  They knew their trustworthness and skills.  It was an awesome
of a complete trip that they were giving to her.  A non-long distance
hiker may never understand the importance of the contiunity of the trip.
I have never experienced so much trust as I felt looking at those 4
concerned faces.  They knew they could do nothing for Bob but they could
keep this dream - this goal alive and intact.  Awesome people.

They all arrived on time a Tuolume Meadows on 6-27.  Both Bob and Bugs
back on the trail 6-29
I updated 4 pages on the web this morning. I'll put more in my journals
later.  I have to check some mail.I have 137 on my desk top right now!!!

I am sorry I didn't tell people first about our being away from the net.
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