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[pct-l] resort phone numbers

hi,Melia here.started on june 22 from the 140 by fish lake Oregon, 7 days
later I arrived at Wilamette pass.the day heading into Crater lake tthe
groung was snow covered and trail markers sparse. from the highway heading
north into the mt.Theilson area is snowbound. the trail from here north to
cowhorn Mt.is dangerous to negotiate without an ice axe (I took a 15 foot
fall on a glacier and cursed myself for having left my ice axe in my
closet..)anyhow,the message is SNOW!above 5500ft,you can expect it,and with
such large mountain hemlocks keeping the slopes shady, it's not melting too
fast. Ok.that said,I left two food boxes;one at Elk lake and one at Big lake
youth camp.I am planning on returning to finish oregon from July23rd to
august 10?, but I need these places phone numbers to ask if they'll hold my
boxes 3 weeks longer.
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