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[pct-l] re: biking the PCT

Seems to me the question is moot, unless you *really* want to carry a loaded
mountain bike much of the way from Mexico to Canada  [seems to me there are
better systems for carrying your gear...  : )   ]   To the best of my
knowledge, huge sections of the PCT are not bikeable, regardless of the
accesss issues.  However, there is one close alternate: there does exist a
mapped-out bike route on mostly paved roads which follows the Pacific Crest
as closely as possible.  It is written up in a book called the Pacific Crest
Bike Trail, written by a Bay Area resident named Bil Paul (yes, I think his
first name only has one "l").  Other option if you're pining for a long
distance off-road experience: Adventure Cycling in Bozeman, MT has mapped
out a mountain bike route, almost entirely off-road on fire trails, logging
roads and single track, which follows the Continental Divide from Canada to

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