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[pct-l] pct-l-digest - dood prepared for you!

Hi everybody -

Want some prepackaged food? Dennis had to end his through hike
unfortunately (had a knee operation last week)_-meanwhile we are
getting his food back - enough for two more months! Anybody interested,
it took him forever to pack it, he has it by meal and all in sealed plastic,
everything from corn macaroni to homemade granola, Gatorade
measured out, snacks, you can call him at home for more info
(604) 525-7654, or email to me.

Valerie McRae				  ~
Secretary for the			  ~
Laboratory for Computational Intelligence ~
Computer Science Department  		  ~
University of British Columbia            ~
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4                     ~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let there be peace on earth	
tel:	(604) 822-6281			  ~ and let it begin with me ..
fax:	(604) 822-5485			  ~
email:	mcrae@cs.ubc.ca			  "

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