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[pct-l] Up Date From VVR

Alot of you are aware that on the best day we can only hook up online at
1200 bps and then we feel like we have made this great accomplishment.
So I apologize for not being able to update as frequently as we would
like. We have had alot of north bounders come through somewhere around
60-70. All where in pretty good shape except for some sore feet and snow
burns, spirits where high and all seemed to have a good time. We have
had some fun with a small bear that has been a pain in the neck. The
worst loss was from the first JMT hikers to come through on 6/25, they
lost a bag of chips while reading in there beds in a tent cabin. The
other tents were full of PCT hikers and were not bothered by the little
Yogi. Maybe he new who not to mess with. Bob and Bug came in on 6/23.
Bob was having some problems with a kidney stone and went down the hill
with his wife and son (Criss and Issac) Bug took of with Kirk and Conrad
along with Bob “Little John” Farewell with plans to meet up with Dad
again in Yosemite. She was in good hands, I would have let my two
daughters go with that bunch. 
Scot “LETITBE” Williamson called me last night 6/26 with some info. He
is 180 miles south of the Oregon border at Castella doing well in great
spirits and doing 35-40 miles per day said he should make the Oregon
border on the evening of 7/3 and on target for Canada on 8/5. He said
that there where some trail problems that he wanted to let others know
of. 7 miles north of Belden on the PCT a large washout. Best bet is to
go up stream and drop through it. Also 1 mile past that point a north
bound hiker will come to a very large washout 40 yards wide and 80’ deep
with shear walls, not passable at all. He recommends the safest way is
to hike back 1/4 mile then drop cross country 1/4 mile into the canyon
bottom to Chip Creek (about a 200’ elevation drop. Hike up creek though
the bottom of the big wash and climb up the left bank side. He said
these where the largest washes he had ever seen but not to worry that
they where passable. 
Guide book section “O” starting 15 miles north of Burney Falls there is
a stretch along Pea vine Creek to Moosehead Creek that is in extremely
poor condition and difficult to make out the trail. 1/2 mile piece of
the trail near Red Mt. has been completely wiped out due to heavy
logging activities. There is a road 50 yards down from the trail. Best
bet  drop down to the road and go about 2 miles until the trail crosses
Scot says he has only seen 2 other people doing section hikes and to
tell everyone that the trail is waiting for them and looks forward to
seeing all on his return trek. 

I hope this information is of some use to you and can be spread to the
hikers that  have already came through the VVR.  I hope all is well and
Cheers to the best folks in the world, the PCT hiker.
Butch & Peggy Wiggs
Vermilion Valley Resort
Edison Lake, Ca

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