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[pct-l] Bikes

     I'm not planning to ride on PCT with a mountain bike - I don't even 
     own one.  The reason I wanted to know if bikes were allowed on PCT 
     was because I see them on the PCT a lot.  I did notice that at most 
     of the trailheads for the PCT the sign posts usually don't contain 
     a "NO BIKE" sign.  They usually have just a "NO MOTORCYCLE or 
     VEHICLE" sign. I figure that's why there are so many bikes on PCT 
     or/and the mountain bikers just don't care and ride on it anyway. I 
     don't have anything against mountain bikers - not too long ago a 
     mountain biker gave me a quart of water when I had ran of water on 
     the PCT. I think maybe we should sign our PCT trailheads better 
     with "NO BIKE" signs, especially near access roads(like fire roads) 
     that mountain bikes use. 
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