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[pct-l] A few questions

     My name is Heather.  I was involved in this discussion group about a
month or two ago when I was at school and I got some wonderful feedback which
has helped me tremendously in planning my trip.  
      Now school's out so I've got a different e-mail address, but I've still
got a few questions regarding my hike.  (I'll start at HWY 70, Belden bridge
and finish at Walker Pass).  
      First of all, I had assumed, this late in the season, that I wouldn't
need an ice axe but I read recently that one is needed in section H.  Is this
      Since I've never experienced the climate in the High Sierras, I can't
decide if I should pack my lightweight thermals or midweight.  Any
suggestions?  (I'll also have a fleece and a parka).
      I have a pair of breathable nylon pants but they aren't waterproof.
 Will those do or should I invest in a pair of waterproof pants?
      That's all I can think of for now.  I would appreciate any advice!

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