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[pct-l] re: River and Stream Crossings & Tuolomne PO

Spoke to my brother (David, hiking with Jen, PCT thru hikers) yesterday at
Red's Meadow and he said that getting across the "stream" (I don't remember
the name...somebody help me out here) which runs out of Evolution Valley and
out through Evolution Meadow (name, ?) was hellatious.  They went to the
"usual" crossing and about 1/3 way across it got too deep (belly height) and
way too fast, so they backtracked.  Never found the "old" crossing discussed
in the PCT book, tried a few more times, ended up going *way* back up the
trail (towards Muir Pass) before finding a place to cross...at that, the
water was fast and waist high.  None of the other stream crossings have been
a problem...they have been able to bomb right across all other crossings up
to Red's Meadow.  

PS: re: another topic which has come up a couple of times in the past week
or so (sorry if it was already answered, I wasn't paying close enough
attention):  the Tuolomne PO is definitively *open* for the season. 
Yesterday afternoon (6/24) My brother spoke to the person who runs the PO
and the guy had personally hauled all the packages and mail up there and
opened it up.  Go get -em!


Andrew Ferguson
Stanford University
Dept. of French & Italian
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