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[pct-l] Shorter treks: Oregon in August

Hello Elizabeth et. al.

Thanks for asking about us "short distance" types.

I am hiking the Oregon PCT section starting July 27th, 
hopefully getting into Cascade Locks with enough time 
to make it to Seattle for Bumpershoot (Aug 30 - Sept 1).
Is the hill out of Seiad Valley worth avoiding on the
first day?

I'd love to hear from others who'll be in
the same vicinity. I have a schedule and
other basics posted at 

Food is my current worry. The dehydrator has
been pretty busy but I'm finding it hard to
judge the volume I should bring and finding
enough variety.

What all can you do to couscous to make it
more interesting? Should I give up on my
quest to acquire a taste for corn pasta?
How much dried fruit and gorp can one eat 
before deciding to track down a bear or marmot?

I fly out a month from today!
Bob Mitchell                                           
rmitchel@qualcomm.com                         T-230F  x82971
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