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Re: [pct-l] JMT starting dates

Elizabeth wrote,

>I have noticed a bunch of JMT related posts lately, and I wondered since OUR
>season is just about here if it would be appropriate (for those of us who
>could only weasel 3 weeks off this summer) to post when we are taking our
>shorter, summer trips anywhere along the PCT.

Good idea.  My permit is for September 6th, starting at Whitney Portal.  I
expect to complete by September 14-15th.  This is a solo trip.  In '87 a
friend and I did the JMT south to north route in 8.5 days.

John Vonhof
author of "Fixing Your Feet: Preventive Maintenance and Treatments for Foot
Problems of Runners, Hikers, and Adventure Racers."
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