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Thought provoking questions asked of the Grand Canyon Park Ranger

   1.Did Evil Knevil jump over this on his bike? (think about it)
   2.On what side of the El Tovar are the geysers?
   3.How much does the free shuttle cost?
   4.Can I walk over the rim? (It's a long step over the other side)
   5.I landed my plane next to the Bright lodge 30 years ago, Can I still do
   6.Asked at West Rim bus stop: Where does the front of this shuttle go? -
Then where does the  back car go?
   7.Ranger, How long have you worked here at Yellowstone National Park?
   8.How often do people fall over the rim? (Answer: Only once.)
   9.Where are the faces of the presidents carved on the canyon?
  10.I lost 600 dollars in Los Angeles two days ago. Can you help me find it?

  11.What state is Grand Canyon in? (Arizona) then asked "Am I in Arizona?"
  12.Is there anywhere within 100 miles where its not cloudy or snowing?
  13.Standing on the rim a woman asked, "Is that really Canada over there?"
  14.I have been to Mather Point & Yavapai Point, should I just turn around
and leave now?
  15.Looking at a Great Horned Owl a person asked, "Is that a bat or owl?"
  16.Do you know about the monkey tour down into the canyon?
  17.Is it possible that I'm just dense? (ya, its possible)
  18.How do I get to Avocado Pt.? (you mean Yavapai?) No, Avocado Pie!
  19.Does the shuttle bus take you to places you can't go?
  20.How many Indians are there in the whole United States?
  21.I bought tickets for the elevator to the bottom, were can I find it?
  22.The bus I see outside, what do I do with it?
  23.Are there hook-up's for my R.V. at Phantom Ranch?
  24.A few years ago I took a train through the canyon, is it still down
  25.Where is the museum with the glass bottom you can see through?
  26.Where can I catch the shuttle to the suspension bridge?
  27.Does the shuttle bring you back? (no, 2.5 million people are waiting at
Hermits's Rest.)
  28.Where are the square trees that we read about? (the what?)
  29.At 3 mile resthouse on Bright Angel trail: Do you sell post cards here?
  30.Were Thelma and Louise here?
  31.Where is the bridge that goes across this?
  32.At Bright Angel tailhead: How far down this trail is the first bus stop?

  33.On the Rim: Is this the Grand Canyon?
  34.Can I ride my bicycle across the canyon?
  35.Where is the trolley across the canyon?
  36.Where do I get on the boat trip from the North Rim?
  37.You can't invite people to the United States and then close the West
  38.An 8 year old child: Do you work here? (yes) Are you Smokey the Bear?
  39.Is this Bryce Canyon or Canyon De Chelly?
  40.Was it these soupy Indians who dug this.
  41.Yellowstone National Park is in Arizona, right?
  42.Are there Indians in the lodges?
  43.Where is the ghost town?
  44.Can I take a ship on the Colorado River?
  45.Where is the shuffle bus?
  46.Where is the elevator down into the canyon?
  47.What is the Grand Canyon?
  48.Where is the part they call the Grand Canyon?
  49.Do Jackalopes live in the park?
  50.Where is the shuttle buckets?
  51.Asked by a 7 year old boy: Ranger, are you Ranger Rick?
  52.Is Arizona on the correct time?
  53.What is the best place to jump into the canyon.
  54.Can I walk to the river and then drive up.
  55.Cloudy sunrise. "Is the sun up yet?"
  56.Does the river have water?
  57.How long is 15 minutes?
  58.Will the sun set tonight?
  59.Was the Brady Bunch really here? (yes, 28 years ago)
  60.Do you light up the canyon at night?
  61.Do you have any baboons here?
  62.I want to drive along the rim to Las Vegas. (sorry)
  63.When does the elevator leave to Indian Gardens?
  64.Is this Bryce canyon or the Grand Canyon?
  65.What state are we in?
  66.Is the London bridge at the Grand Canyon?
  67.Is there a waterfall on fire at Grand Canyon?
  68.Who made the Canyon?
  69.Where can I throw rocks off the rim?
  70.Where did they used to jump across the canyon?
  71.How do I get to the McDonalds at Phantom Ranch?
  72.How do the elk blow through their horns?
  73.Where can I buy food to feed the animals?
  74.Where is across the street?
  75.Is there a golf course here?, I herd about one.
  76.If it's noon here, what time is it in Sedona?
  77.Is there an ice cave on the west rim?
  78.Where am I?
  79.How do you get outside?
  80.Is it twice as far to hike out than it is to hike down?
  81.How do you tame your squirrels?
  82.Is the Canyon Rim in this building?
  83.Where can I see the number 7 in the Canyon?
  84.Where is the best place to see the Vernal Equinox?
  85.How many stupid questions do you get a day?
  86.Will the sun set today?
  87.What is a railroad?
  88.Are there any openings on a mule?
  89.Is the mule train air conditioned?
  90.Is there anything to see at Grand Canyon?
  91.Do the squirrels mate with the rabbits in the park?
  92.Where can I see Old Faithful?
  93.When you say "across the road", do you mean across the road?
  94.Is the Grand Canyon man made?
  95.Where in the park is Pearl Harbor?
  96.I saw a fox or bobcat, what is the difference?
  97.Are any of the campgrounds air conditioned?
  98.Where is the train into the canyon?
  99.I am looking for the Devils Tower?
 100.Did David Copperfield levitate over the Grand Canyon?
 101.How do you go down on a mule?
 102.Where is Half Dome?
 103.Where is the water fountain outside and to the left?
 104.How far is a mile and half?
 105.Can I see Grand Canyon in Flagstaff?
 106.Will there be Weather today?
 107.Does the sky lift in Flagstaff (80 miles away) go over the Canyon?

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