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Re: [pct-l] Ice Axes Needed before Toulumne Meadows?

In a message dated 97-06-19 04:23:33 EDT, Charcholla@aol.com writes:

> In a message dated 97-06-16 21:49:44 EDT, creinhardt@specwire.com (Carol
>  Reinhardt) writes:
>  <<     My daughter, Katrina Reinhardt and boyfriend, Justin Davis are PCT
>  thru 
>           hikers this year.  His mother and I are in charge of sending
>  supplies.
>           I am trying to find out if they will be needing their ice axes
>  before 
>           they reach Toulumne Meadows.  They were in Kennedy Meadows over
>           weekend and should arrive in Independence around Friday, June 20.
>    I 
>           got a phone call from a VERY nice man who lives around there that
>  they 
>           were fine, but there was no phone in Kennedy Meadows so they
>  not 
>           call.  I have time to send the ice axes priority mail to
>  Independence if 
>           that seems appropriate.  Does anyone know?
>           Thanks for your help! >>
>  I met Katrina and Justin on Fuller Ridge (near San Jacinto) a few weeks
>  I'm glad to hear that they are pushing north with such progress. I wish
>  continued luck on the trail.
>  I was waiting for someone with more experice than I to provide the advice 
> you
>  requested. But, since no one replied, here are my thoughts on this.
>  If I was hiking through there right now, I'd want an ice axe from
>  Pass (Horseshoe Meadow trailhead out of Lone Pine) north. 
>  By the time hikers reaches Independence, they have crossed the highest
>  of the PCT (Forester Pass 13,180 feet) plus Kearsarge Pass just to get to
>  their ice axe.
>  (That's not to say that if they don't get it until Independence, they
>  need it.) I just think they need it BEFORE they get that far north.
>  IMHO, once Justin and Katrina reach Tuolumne Meadows, they will have very
>  little use for an ice axe in California (with the possible exception of
>  Sonora Pass). 
>  I assume you don't live in the area so it may be too late to change any 
> plans
>  anyway. From Lone Pine, you could have driven within 2 miles of the PCT 
> where
>  it crosses Mulkey Pass; this would have been an ideal resupply point if
>  someone was meeting them (instead of mailing a package).
>  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>  Does anyone else agree with this or does anyone feel that an ice axe is
>  un-necessary at this time? Your comments please. If you have better
>  give it!

I just returned from Desolation Wilderness and there is still alot of snow on
Dick's Pass especially on the north side.  I didn't take an ice ax, wish I

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