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[pct-l] August JMT

Tom Grundy writes:<
>Hello everyone, My name is Tom Grundy, and I have been lurking for a
>while, and thought it was time to introduce myself. I am planning on
>through hiking in '98 with two friends, Maggie Anthony and Jen Powis. We
>will also be hiking the JMT in August together, and Maggie and I will be
>living the life of bums in between hiking and climbing our way around
>the country.

Hi Tom,

If you are planning on hiking the JMT this August,I will keep an eye open for 
you. I am leaving the Yosemite Valley on 7/30 and will probably take my sweet 
time and arrive at Whitney sometime around 8/18. I hope to see you and any other
list member out there on the trail.

I too, am trying to schedule a PCT hike...maybe 99 or 00...tough to do when you 
have a mortgage...but it will happen...

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