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[pct-l] PCT wash out

Hello to the Group!

Just received a letter from the Mammoth Ranger Station regarding trail
conditions in that area. I have a permit for the end of July and they were
kind enough to send the update in between car rides and coffee! (sorry Joe,
I couldn't resist!)

I will highlight the big stuff....
The footbridge crossing the San Joaquin River in Devils Postpile has been
washed out and will not be replaced this year.
The footbridges near Rainbow Falls trailhead and Upper Soda Springs is still
To access the King Creek or Minaret Creek on the JMT, cross the PCT/JMT
bridge about a mile south of Devils Postpile.
Be prepared for washed-out and eroded trails, trees down and off-trail
travel around damaged areas. (brush up on your map & compass)
The PCT has been washed out from Upper Soda Springs campground to Agnew
Meadows. Trail will be difficult for hikers, impassable for stock. Projected
to be fixed by early August.
Crossing streams and rivers may be very dangerous for much of the
summer!(their emphasis)

Call the Mammoth Visitor Center at (760) 924-5500 for current trail
conditions or for help on re-routes.

Good Luck to all of us, see you on the trail!
Roy J. Regalado - Architect & Scouter
I used to be a Fox......and a good old Fox too!
mailto:rjr@cts.com  -or-  tele/fax:760.758.9211

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