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[pct-l] RE : A-16 and thanks.

Sara Rufner,
   Thanks for the information regarding the packs. I think I'll stick with 
the Gregory line. My first was made when Wayne operated out of a small suite,
 just downstairs from you (I'm a native of San Diego, recently moved to 
Washington D.C.). My Cassin was the third ever to be made. I had Wayne 
personalize a crampon patch (leather those days, with the date, a "#3" and 
his name.
   I'd appreciate if your store had a scale, to provide me (us) with 
comparable measures to the minimum and packaged weights. Even though 
Marmot's Catalog, store displays and Backpacker Magazine used both these 
measures, there was still a pound discrepancy.
    It's unfortunate that Mic no longer makes tents, I had one of the first 
1.5 man half domes, your store offered. I used this tent on my '82 
thru-hike. The best tent I ever had. A-16's tents were great. No frills and 
lightweight. I can't find a quality two person half dome that can serve as a 
3.5 season tent, like A-16's could. Are any of these tents remaining in your 
rental program after last May's Mother's Day Sale? If not, could you ask Mic 
about patterns for the 2.5 man half-dome and the "Starship (or something 
like that. One hoop, two upright poles tent)". Might mention that I hiked 
with the group that included Andy Drolinger (designer of A-16's hiphugger 
frame back), Blair Burkhardt and John Spangler. He may remember me.

A faithful patron,
Ken Marlow

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