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[pct-l] RE: PCT elevation profiles

On Tue, 17 Jun 1997, David Weissner wrote:

Does anyone know if there are any elevation profiles available for the
WA/OR sections of the PCT?

I seem to recall a few years back someone had posted them on the web, but I
can't seem to locate them anymore. I've always found them to be helpful in
planning on how long a day really "feels" as opposed to just how many miles


The PCTA is publishing a PCT Data Book which, in addition to listing the 
mileages between every landmark (everything in parenthesis in the guidebooks), 
includes 5 elevation profiles: southern, central, and northern California, 
Oregon, and Washington.  It also includes the addresses and phone numbers of 
re-supply points, a list of average California snow depths recorded at 9 
points on or near the PCT since 1930, and more.  This 108-page reference tool 
was compiled by 1996 PCT thru-hiker, Ben Go, and just went to press yesterday. 
 It should be available for sale from the PCT Store within a month for the 
bargain basement price of $5.00 (PCTA members receive a 10% discount).  You 
won't want to hit the trail without it!

Joe at the PCTA office 

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