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Re: [pct-l] Ice Axes Needed before Toulumne Meadows?

In a message dated 97-06-16 21:49:44 EDT, creinhardt@specwire.com (Carol
Reinhardt) writes:

<<     My daughter, Katrina Reinhardt and boyfriend, Justin Davis are PCT
         hikers this year.  His mother and I are in charge of sending
         I am trying to find out if they will be needing their ice axes
         they reach Toulumne Meadows.  They were in Kennedy Meadows over the 
         weekend and should arrive in Independence around Friday, June 20.
         got a phone call from a VERY nice man who lives around there that
         were fine, but there was no phone in Kennedy Meadows so they could
         call.  I have time to send the ice axes priority mail to
Independence if 
         that seems appropriate.  Does anyone know?
         Thanks for your help! >>

I met Katrina and Justin on Fuller Ridge (near San Jacinto) a few weeks back.
I'm glad to hear that they are pushing north with such progress. I wish them
continued luck on the trail.

I was waiting for someone with more experice than I to provide the advice you
requested. But, since no one replied, here are my thoughts on this.

If I was hiking through there right now, I'd want an ice axe from Cottonwood
Pass (Horseshoe Meadow trailhead out of Lone Pine) north. 

By the time hikers reaches Independence, they have crossed the highest pass
of the PCT (Forester Pass 13,180 feet) plus Kearsarge Pass just to get to
their ice axe.
(That's not to say that if they don't get it until Independence, they won't
need it.) I just think they need it BEFORE they get that far north.

IMHO, once Justin and Katrina reach Tuolumne Meadows, they will have very
little use for an ice axe in California (with the possible exception of
Sonora Pass). 

I assume you don't live in the area so it may be too late to change any plans
anyway. From Lone Pine, you could have driven within 2 miles of the PCT where
it crosses Mulkey Pass; this would have been an ideal resupply point if
someone was meeting them (instead of mailing a package).

Does anyone else agree with this or does anyone feel that an ice axe is
un-necessary at this time? Your comments please. If you have better advice,
give it!

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