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[pct-l] More Fees.

Short and simple. When the NPS increased, or implemented new fees for many 
of the National Park units, the  idea (and what I told park patrons as a 
ranger) was that the money was staying in the Park Service. Only problem was,
 Congress found that this was a great source of revenue and was using alot 
of these monies for other purposes. If it stayed in the parks, then user 
fees for NPS backcountry areas wouldn't be necessary. Who's to say, (that 
even, again, they're saying) the money will stay in the park! Nothing like 
triple-dipping: taxes, entrance fees, backcountry fees. Let's not forget the 
outrageous fee schedule at the Grand Canyon, a leader fee, and a per day fee 
(plus the entrance fee for the park?)
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