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[pct-l] Forest Service Worker Comments

I cannot too heartily concur with all of your comments.  Thank you for
taking the time to set the record straight. 

Personally I think the Forest Service workers by and large provide a
great service.  Every time I walk a trail I thank the people who have
cleared it and maintained it.  I have walked many miles on the PCT and
we should all be deeply grateful to the men and women, FS and not, who
made it possible.

I remember climbing a granite staircase straight up the side of a cliff,
over two thousand feet in altitude change.  Forest and CCC workers built
this amazing naturtectural wonder.  On the way up, about hour four, we
passed three men pounding away in the noonday sun, trying to position a
step.  They said they had been working on the staircase for over a week,
just trying to maintain this section.  We were so grateful.  We gave
them so of the best foods we had with us.

Joe, remember, if you don't like the way the land is managed, go out and
volunteer some of your time for a group you agree with.  But don't paint
brush the Forest Service workers.  Many of us believe they are the most
worthwhile expenditure in the national budget.
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