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Re: [pct-l] User fees

My point exactly.  Thank you for being more eloquent than I am.  The
decision makers ARE making the wrong decisions and it IS time for the
people to make that abundantly clear to them.  One way to try to do this is
through education, discussion and communication.  If enough of us finally
stand and yell ENOUGH we can get the money channeled to the right places.
It takes only a hand full of people to get a movement started.  It may take
years, but we need to be concerned about long term implications instead of
trying to live for today only.  For starters I think I would eliminate the
advertising budget for national parks.  We all agree they are too crowded
yet we spends 10s of millions each year promoting them.

But now that you put it that way, hmmmmmmmmmm, no maintenance.  Let's see
that would mean less people. I may be crazy but that is sounding better and

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