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[pct-l] oregon in june

hi i'm Melia,i'm 19,female,5'2",and British Columbian. I began my pct
journey last summer starting in June at Ebbets' Pass and ending in Ashland
two months later. This year I am planning three weeks in Oregon, starting at
fish lake resort (section c) and ending 280 miles later at Ollalie lake.

my planned date for day one on the trail is june 22nd,and If anyone knows of
anyone else planning to be in southern oregon at that time, I'd like to hear
from you.unfortunately, my partner appears to be bailing on me last minute
style,and I'd rather not hike alone the entire time..

also, rumour has it the snowpack is deeper this year than last,and last year
we saw little to no trail untill july.what should I expect for trail
conditions and snowpack this year? thanks.

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