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[pct-l] Intro & Toulume Meadows

I'm Joan Norris, trail angel for Jon Phipps, who started from Campo April 30.
 He should be in Independence tonight.  Just got a computer at home (welcome
to the 80's) 2 weeks ago.  Had to wait for a friend to help with a phone line
before I could get e-mail.  Getting on this list was one of the big drivers
for getting a computer at home.

Jon has thru-hiked the AT twice (94 & 96), the Long Trail (96), the Florida
Trail in sections.  He's retired Army (Special Forces), 51, carrying a 6000
mi. + used to be purple Gregory inernal frame pack.  He's about 5'10 1/2",
tan, bald with a gray fringe cut short, probably down to about 170 lbs by
now, blue eyes; he calls himself a "distinguished looking bald gent."  His
trail name on the AT was Wanchor, signed W.with an anchor drawing.  Say hi to
him if you meet him.

Many thanks to Brick Robbins who has answered several questions I sent him
from work.

Anyhow, I've already sent the package to Vermillion (female half of the
owners there was extremely nice on the phone).  

1.  Can anyone tell me if the post office in Toulume Meadows will be open by
approximately June 20-22?  Will the store there have things like Lipton
noodles, the usual grocery backpacker stuff?  Will the store be open?  (It's
tuff doing this support from Florida.)

2.  My son and I are flying to San Francisco July 3.  Jon will be hitting the
spot where the trail crosses I-80 about then.  Soda Springs is close by.  Is
there a place there or somewhere else where he can get a shower and catch a
bus into Oakland?  

All help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


Oh, yeah, me.  I'm an active Florida Trail member and do a lot of trail
maintenance work.  Thanks to Jon, I've met him in Vermont, Massachusetts, the
Shennandoah's, and soon California to sight see and hike a little.  Last
winter we had 9 friends Jon met on the AT for visits at my house, near
Orlando.  We also put up two long-distance Florida Trail hikers for several
days.  (The Florida Trail runs within 1/2 mile of my house.)  I work full
time at the University of Central Florida and sometimes call myself HLSC HQ,
Hiker Logistics Supply Command Headquarters.

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