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[pct-l] re: Tuolumne to Sonora Pass

perry wrote:

>>>   I plan on hiking from Tuolumne Meadows to Sonora Pass after the 4th
of July.
Any info regarding bears, difficulty of the hike, water quality etc.would be
appreciated.   <<<

this is a great section.  hiking is fairly rugged, as you cross the
northern yosemite "saw teeth" (over ridge, into canyon, over ridge... etc).
 this is the last remnant of the "high sierra" as you head north, with
corresponding striking beauty.

bears are certainly a problem the first night out as you are still close to
glen aulin high sierra camp (i think this is the one).  bears cruise down
the canyon at night to scavenge the area, and they will stop by your camp
for hors d'ourves.  we had mama bear bouncing on the tree limb trying to
dislodge our food.  luckily it stayed put.  we shone flashlights, shouted
and banged pots, until she finally came down.  then on her way back from
the camp at about 3am she tried again but was less persistent.  hang your
food well!  had no problem with bears after that, though we saw claw marks
on trees, and footprints - they are around.

water quality is generally good, but treat everything.  water in
stubblefield canyon is suspect, according to a maintenance crew we met
there, because it flows from high meadows used for grazing.  check out the
Lake Benson Riviera - a great beach.

and watch the descent to sonora pass.  it should be snow bound still, and
can be steep and icy.  if you're comfortable glissading, it can be a fun
ride, but you might want to take the alternate side trail that drops east
before the tricky part.  then you hike back up to the pass.

have fun...
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