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[pct-l] introduction and questions

Greetings to you all.

I am new to the list and thought I would introduce myself and ask a couple

My name is Craig Usher.  Ten years ago in my late teens I hiked the John
Muir Trail and in many ways that experience changed who I am.  From that
point on I had put in the back of my mind "maybe someday I will hike the
whole PCT".  A while back my wife/partner/sweetie/lover/friend turned to me
and said "I think I should just go walking for a year."  Since then our two
thoughts have been developing into a plan to hike the PCT over two summers
(1998 and 1999).  There's actually a lot more to it than that but I don't
want to overwhelm so I will keep it at that simple explanation.

So on to the questions...We are intending on starting the hike in the North
in the summer of '98.  Leaving in early July and hiking for as long as we
are able (my guess is late September, anybody care to offer other guesses)
and then picking up from where we left off the following year.  As we have
discovered almost everything is written from a South to North perspective,
so I was hoping to hear from folks who have chosen the other direction --
what are some of the positives and negatives of what we are trying to

Also we would like to hear from other couples who have attempted the trail
together.  We have found ourselves to be very compatible on short hiking
trips and hope to do a couple of weeks together this summer.  In addition
we are in good shape and have trained for and run half-marathons together
with the intention on training for and running a full marathon this fall,
but we also realize the PCT experience is one that could really challenge
our relationship and would like to hear from others who have gone before

Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing folks' thoughts

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