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Re: [pct-l] Could use some good advice

At 9:47 AM +0000 5/31/97, Tom Best wrote:
>Hi, this is my first post.  My boyfriend, thru hiker Tom Best, invited
>me to meet him in Tahoe and hike the trail for a week (hopefully, to
>Sierra City if I don't slow him down too much).  I am fairly athletic,
>but I'm wondering about the effects of the altitude and the type of
>training I should be doing to keep up with someone who's been on the PCT
>for two months (home is Austin, Texas).
> I'm also have questions about: (1) the weather in the area [July 8 -
>July 15]; (2) stream crossings and conditions; (3) Bugs; (4) the minimal
>amount of gear, will I need both cool and hot weather clothing, what are
>the essentials for this section of the trail, etc.;  and (5) any advice
>I've already got a good pack and sleeping bag.
>Tom's paid for the tickets and I have them in hand, so the least I can
>do is be ready to hike.  Any advice ya'll can offer will be greatly
>BTW, Tom is doing great and sends his regards. He is in Agua Dulce and
>is going to take a day off to get some rest.
>Sarah Stroman
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Hi Sarah, If you want to see changeable weather, visit Tahoe.  I was recently
there and got pelleted by hail at night on Mt. Rose and there is snow
up there at 10,500 feet.  Bring sunglasses and some sun protection for
if sunny the radiation is strong.  Temps go from 40 to 90.

Some people I hiked with got woozy as they have not hiked at altitudes.
but it is a far cry from air at 14,000 feet.  Just take first day
a little slow when going uphill and I think you will get accustomed quickly.

Can be ugly with thunder storm and a few hours later perfect.  I had no
problem with bugs but take a little Off for those little gnats might
like you.  Look for those red snow plants peeking out of the snow!

Lake Tahoe is Beautiful...

Typical mtn weather.  Blue sky in morning and heat from Reno Valley and
Carson Valley put clouds up in afternoon but can be spotty or not there
at all.  Just wait and new weather!

tom "hikenet" caggiano


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