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[pct-l] Thru-Hiker: Midnight


While day-hiking from Lost Valley Road to Highway 79 west of Warner Springs
on Thursday, Cheryl and I met PCT Thru-Hiker "Midnight" from eastern New
York. He was taking a break at the large campsite (Map B1) near Aqua Caliente

We chatted a while and asked if he needed anything. His main concern this
time of year was water. He said he had some, but was wondering about access
later. We explained that Aqua Caliente Creek was still running about 3 miles
up trail and he would be crossing it several times during the day. Aqua
Caliente Creek had only recently (6 weeks prior) become "dry" by the campsite
where he was resting.

As we chatted he spoke of hiking the 30-something waterless-miles south of
Barrel Springs. He had hiked at night and managed to make it within 6 miles
of Barrel Springs before he ran completely out. By that time, since he was
hiking at night, had been drinking when thirsty and the rest of the trail was
downhill, he was hydrated enough to make it to the spring without a problem.

From Barrel Springs, Midnight hitched a ride to Ranchita. Unfortunately, the
Minimarket there was closed for the season. He made a safe-arrival call home
from the local phone booth. Before he left the area, he saw someone inside
the store and tried to buy something cold to drink. The person inside the
store insisted the store was "closed" and offered no assistance. Future
hikers through the area might remember the cooperative attitude of this
person and try to "repay him in kind for his assistance" by seeking another
source of cold drinks or resupply. 

Luckily, the world is not entirely made up of people like that. While
Midnight was trying to return to the PCT near Barrel Springs, he was offered
a ride by a lady. After hearing his story, she drove him to Warner Springs,
waited while he picked up his resupply package at the P. O., and drove him
back to the trail by Barrel Springs. Unfortunately, I failed to get this
trail angel's name from Midnight. We can't recognize her good deed and thank
her by name, but we want her to know that PCT Hikers appreciate her kindness
to one of ours. 

With a small bag of M&M's and a little ham left over from our breakfast,
Midnight took to the trail again. He may not make it to Canada before the
snows, but he will enjoy every mile he travels. Good luck, Midnight!

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