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[pct-l] Re: Snow Report

Charlie Wrote:
>    Cottonwood Pass        Kern River Basin        27-Apr-97        13.9
>The last column is labeled "value." Okay, so it's a value. Now what does that
>mean to me. I am planning to hike there the first weekend of June.
>Can anyone explain this to me?

This value is the depth of water that would result if you melted the snow
on the measuring device and is called the "water equivilant." The device
actually weighs the snow sitting on top of a large "pillow." Since snow
density varries depending on the temperature of the storm that produced it,
and the length of time it has been sitting on the grund, there is no
accurate way to turn it into a snow depth. The info on the California Snow
Survey page indicates that a good late season rule of thumb is to double
the water equivilant to find the springtime snow depth. This only works
after the snow settles late in the season.

Also remember that the snow pillows are on open flat ground and the snow in
those areas tends to melt faster than shaded slopes.
Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          
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