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[pct-l] Section G: Mulkey Pass to Kennedy Meadows


I just returned after hiking south from Mulkey Pass (Horseshoe Meadows
Trailhead from Lone Pine) to Kennedy Meadows last Friday-Sunday. I saw no PCT
hikers on the trail. I'm sure it's a little early for thru-hikers to have
made it that far this season. I didn't see anyone else until I was within 4-5
miles of Kennedy Meadows where there were lots of car-camping / fishing
activity. Wildflowers are in full bloom from Kennedy Meadows to Becks Meadow.

Water-wise, all the sources mentioned in the PCT Guide, even the intermittent
ones were running. There were only a few mosquitos. No signs of bear
activity. Snow-level in this segment was limited to patches in the trees
above 10,300 - 10,500 feet elevation, mostly on Olancha Peak trails. No ice
axe required here. 

North of Mulkey Pass, all the peaks are snow-covered, but these are in the
13K - 14K feet elevation range. I don't know the true snow level on those
peaks. I will be hiking from Cottowood Pass north to Crabtree Mdws. (and out
the same way) the first weekend of June. Will report later on snow levels

Happy Hikin'
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