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[pct-l] Report from Section F: Tehachapi to Walker Pass

I just returned from hiking section F and have several pieces of info
for other hikers:

1) Their is at least one Trail Angel named Carol Barrett who lives near
the trailhead at Hwy 58, Cameron Overpass, Tehachapi.  She posted a
message on May 8th, regarding resources at Jawbone Canyon and her
willingness to help PCT hikers.  I want to say THANK YOU Carol for your
assistance and hospitality (she helped me with at car shuttle, offered
me a place to stay and dropped me off at the trailhead at 6:30 am,
Monday morning) -- I sincerely wish that  there were more people like
Carol, who offers a helping hand.

2) Bears - be prepared for these visitors near Golden Oaks Spring.  I
met three -- one in my camp as I was putting my boots on, tried to sneak
up behind me and steal my food!  This was about 2 mile past the spring,
near the last windmills.  Three miles down the road, I encountered 2
more -- one in the brush, the other on the trail.  Seems like they have
lots of acorns, pinyon nuts and reliable water nearby.  Throwing rocks
at them seemed to spook 'em away.

3) Water -
   >Golden Oaks Spring - excellent
   >Robin Bird Spring - excellent
   >Kelso Valley Road - terrible, full of cow slop, smells, hard to
access through stinky mud
   >                  - NOT UPGRADED
   >Willow Springs - ??? has to be better than Kelso Valley Road, but
farther off trail
   >Yellow Jacket Spring - clean, but very shallow -- NOT UPGRADED
   >McIvers Spring - excellent, convenient, water flows from nice pvc

4) Other Hikers -
   > "Let-it-Be", Scott Williamson signed log at McIvers Cabin on
05/08/97.  Any body know if he made it to Vermillion Valley by May 20th
   > HoBoJo Banger - signed register at Walker Pass on 05/23/97
   > Joseph Burnham Jr. - signed register at Piute Mt. Road on 05/21/97
   > Looks to me like the signature of "Ruby Jenkins" at Tehachapi
Trailhead and at McIver's Cabin on 05/03/97.

5) Misc tidbits - 
   > this section was very windy most of the way
   > trail markers are down in several places, especially at Sweet Ridge
windmill roads
   > I saw no one at all from Monday to Friday on the trail, but I
several sets of footprints, two heading South and all others Northbound.
   > Someone placed 6 gallons of bottled water at Tehachapi trailhead,
whoever you are, it sure will be useful.  Also found another container
near an isolated small trailer at road SC120 at Bird spring pass.

6) Question: some of the registers in this section have data sheets
dating back to 1994.  Does the PCT of the NFS or anyone pick these up
and use the data, or are they there only as a means of communication
among PCT hikers?

Ernest Chavez
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